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Lazy Lady 16 5, 3:47pm


The same old broken record. You still work under the delusion that I'm mislead by right wing propaganda when I have repeatedly made clear I an NOT. Until you accept this we will get nowhere.

I suggest you actually look at the BBC News pages and then see if you can still support the idea their strongly anti-EU.

My interpretation of the EU mis-leadership comes from what they themselves have said. Including their repeated demands that they will dictate terms, deciding what will be discussed and what won't. They have been cherry picking from the start and the feeble Tories have allowed them to largely get away with it.

As I have repeatedly said I'm happy to come to agreements with the EU and to pay for where we get facilities, as well as continuing areas of mutual benefit. What I do not agree with is the EU continuing to get money for nothing. To use Tusk's infamous drinking club example that once Britain has left that it will gain no benefits but that the EU still expect to put their drinks on the British tab. Simplistic perhaps but its the example he himself used and it highlights the point nicely.