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Lazy Lady 17 5, 4:17pm


The problem is twofold. That I've been misled by Eu-spectic propaganda is what you have said, through you deny it now. Also that any criticism of the EU you automatically assume to be inaccurate. It doesn't help further that in this 'discussion' while I have pointed out the problems for people in the EU from the current situation you ignore that to rabbit on about me complaining we're not getting everything which 'deluded Britexiter's have claimed Britain would get out of leaving' which is totally unrelated to what I've been saying here.

I will go into it one more time, in a bit more detail in the hope you will actually read what I say and think about it rather than go " I disagree with this so its wrong".

The only time I've had any real exposure to the right wing press was in the last couple of years was when I was looking after my mum for a couple of years. She was actually a close mirror image of you having extreme views on the EU among other matters. Which I put down in large part to her suffering from dementia and also as another factor the paper she read and believed rather blindly. Give you a clue my nickname for it was the Daily Distress as it was always so negative and right wing. In response to reading this, because it was about and to avoid raising my blood pressure too high I regularly read the 'I', a shorten form of the Independent. Did that until a few months after the 2016 referendum as it went too far to the other extreme in its rejection of the vote and was using any excuse to try and ignore it. Other than that I haven't regularly read a paper for ~20 years or more.

Most of my knowledge comes from electronic media, largely the BBC, their new channel, their regular TV news and also radio 4 which has a lot of news and current affairs. Again here I mainly go by what people say. I routinely ignore the Tories, who make up the most vocal pro-exit group [and their UKIP fellow-travellers] because I'm used to them lying. Its what people like Tusk and Barnier themselves say which has led to me viewing them with such contempt and distrust.

Similarly I have long had doubts about the EEC/EEU/EU going back to when Britain 1st joined. If I had had a say in 75 I think it was when we had the previous referendum I would have voted to leave then. I accepted the decision especially as, with the steady cutting of Britain's links to the rest of the world and decline of our relative power under the Thatcherites made it seem the best option. However the deteriorating status of the relationship and the attitude of the Euro-fanatics were the major drivers for me in continuing to distrust the union. Here I thought it was largely an internal British problem as the extremists in question who were so anti us leaving and used such extreme language were overwhelmingly British. Its only with the irresponsible behaviour of the EU 'representatives' since 2016 that I accept the enmity towards Britain goes much deeper.

I will repeat, although I suspect you will ignore me again. Its the extremists on the pro-EU side that are the reason I and I think many others have been alienated from it.

If you stop with the blind insistence that despite knowing nothing about me you can tell me why I disagree with you we might have a basis for discussion. Especially when your conclusion is so obviously wrong. As I have probably said before you will not influence me by continuing to insult me, which is what you have done every time.