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Everything is possible when you don't believe 18 5, 12:42am


Actually it's not, as what I wrote is still true - they have managed to reduce their overall national carbon emissions - not just reduce the rate of increase in emissions.

Now you obviously don't like their decision to phase out nuclear power - but they've done so for a host of reasons and I can assure you they haven't "failed to understand" anything.

They've just made a different evaluation of their preferred way to lower their own emissions - and since they've succeded in doing so, it's apparently working for them.

There are a lot of people online who think nuclear power is the perfect answer to every nations energy need, and I'm not going to waste time arguing over it with you if you're one of those people.

Germany decides what energy policy she pursues, and so far she's one of the most successful nations in the world in cutting emissions - so I wouldn't be throwing any rocks at her from whatever glass house you live in, if you catch my drift?

Also, they're actually phasing out coal power too.

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