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Lazy Lady 18 5, 6:30pm


You have changed your argument from time to time, although as in the case of the Spanish claims on Gibraltar it could be that your initial statement was vaguer than you intended. However the basic issue that your correct on every point regardless of the evidence is the sticking point. As long as you insist on that your not only wrong but your also insulting to continually call me a liar because you insist your delusions about me are accurate.

I have pointed out a number of dubious statements. Such as the insistence on no cherry picking when the EU has done nothing but that. Their demands that we meet all of their conditions before they will consider anything else to talk about. Their pretense their willing to continue the current open border with Ireland when they continually reject any such border. There was Tusk's drinking club analogy, where he actually shot himself in the foot because while he was - again - trying to claim Britain was asking for something it wasn't he basically gave a case for Britain not paying a penny to the EU after March 2019.

However as I say, until your willing to behave in a civil manner rather than insist you know how I think, regardless of the evidence, there is no point in continuing.