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Banned 19 5, 11:00am

@yoisi Theft and subsequent release of private information from opposing political parties to the public media for a start on computer crime. For propaganda a number of anonymous ads run on high traffic domains with political messages based on false information intended to embolden the most likely supporters of an unstable candidate have been traced back to Russia. The trolls were involved as well but not nearly as big an issue. Also money, Trump happens to get a lot of money from Russia specifically because their banking system is still willing to do business with him where the American banks have imposed a ban on loaning to him unless he puts up personal collateral which he won't do as he ultimately intends to screw them by fallaciously declaring bankruptcy on the specific project he was loaned money for. While not uncommon it is still illegal in the United States to fund a political campaign with funds procured directly from a foreign country.

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