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Banned 19 5, 2:51pm

Well, in the end it matters not. It is still MY country in crisis, not anybody else's. MY people beaten for protesting against being dragged into that conflict.

As sanctions keep going against specific individuals, government's counter-sanctions keep turning them into measure that injures each and every one. Ban on imported medicine, anyone..? - in a country, where literally over 1% of citizens are HIV carriers, and on top of them - many more in need of expensive medicine that native pharmacefts not always bothering to make in the past two decades. So far ban is still in discussion, argued over in the parliament. I hardly doubt that Putin's government will refuse opportunity to *de-ci-ma-te* my people.

While you keep arguing about dead horse, you are loosing 143.000.000 of potential allies, most of whom would be pretty content with day when Putin and his clique will be sitting in Hague.

America wearing England's shirt