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Banned 19 5, 4:18pm


Well, technically there is whole rest of the world and United Nations who de facto could give us some assistance here. It's not like hundred of millions of unarmed people can't take on presidental guard, OMON and army - it's just that nobody wants to be the pompous sacrifice to freedom, laying in a pool of blood, torn to shreds by bullets, like some of, say, ukrainian "Celestial Centuria".

And you could do something more effective about how Putin is acting. Peacekeepers, for example, could really, really make war in Donbass harder for everybody. Formal, actual accusations in crimes against humanity - particularily my people - in UN could be a good ultimatum to that pile of corrupted bureaucrats.

Refusing to recognise Putin as legit elected president would've helped a lot as well, considering that election. Where people. Throw in dozens of fake bulletins. On hundreds of electoral posts. Is not. Bloody. Fucking. LEGIT.

Sending humanitarial help to people that live in our villages and deteriorating towns would help too - help to save lives, at least. And perhaps will help to make the people here less dependant on mercy of local pro-Putin bureaucrats, sent there by higher rank governors. Less people depend on government - less power it has. If world really wants to neutralize threat of Putin and his supporters - world should give russians some HELP.

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