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Banned 19 5, 8:14pm

Tragically, yes. I have a friend who is a Hillbot and she still believes TO THIS DAY that Russia "hacked the election" and that is why Hillary lost. Not because of the many things she did wrong on the campaign trail which include (but are not limited to) not campaigning in the Rustbelt; rigging the DNC primary in several key battleground states such as New York (where a number of Brooklyn Dems were purged from the rolls), California (where poll workers were instructed to over-rely on provisional ballots, resulting in so many Dems in that area being disenfranchised), and Nevada (where the antics at the NVDems convention were so corrupt, one would think the Gambinos were running the Nevada Dems); picking someone to the right of her to be her running mate (whereas good candidates would pick someone who compensates for their weaknesses); not stumping hard against NAFTA or the TPP; not taking personal accountability for anything that went wrong during the campaign; trying to blame Russia for the e-mail leak (even though several intelligence sources point out how impossible this is and how a former British ambassador close to Wikileaks confirms that the source was someone inside the DNC) in what appears to be an attempt to deflect from the content of the e-mails that were leaked; running a campaign on cliches and platitudes; and elevating Trump, Cruz, and Carson as "pied-piper candidates".

Meanwhile, the polls were showing that Hillary would perform worse than Bernie in the general election, whereas Bernie would have won. He was polling stronger against Trump than Hillary was. The importance of this is that Bernie went from a virtual unknown to being such a strong contender against Hillary that the DNC had to engage in some pretty shady behaviour which was later revealed in the DNC e-mail leak.

So yeah, there are people who still believe that Russia "influenced" the 2016 election. And okay, maybe they published one or two stories that influenced a grand total of three people. However, I think Hillary lost because she didn't do the work that she needed to do to win in the rustbelt.


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