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Banned 20 5, 11:03am

@xana55 do you want to know how obvious it is that zionists own america? Chinese know about it. russians know about it and muslims know about it. hang around the Chinese, russian and muslim political forums(preferably the ones in their own languages if you can understand them) and watch the smaller news outlets of foreign countries more.
everyone knows about the zionist power behind america and the west except for americans and the westerners themselves. you guys love diversity right? yet you never actually pay attention to what non western people are talking about in their own inner circles .

so no. its not just neo nazi conspiracy theorists that complain about zionists. everyone else(especially in countries where its not taboo to talk about it) notices it as well. its amazing you havent noticed it yet when,
1, some states in america are trying to make it illegal to boycott isreal
2. america gives billions of dollars to israel every year for no real reason
3. all the wars in the middle east are so obviously in israel's best interest and doesnt help america in anyway
4. AIPAC (an isreali lobby group) is the only foreign lobby group that doesnt have to be registered as a foreign agent. .
you still dont think they control america and the west?

if it makes you feel better zionists include evangelical Christians that believe in the end time prophecies and consider israel as "gods chosen land" and jews as "gods chosen people. so they religiously care more about israel than their own country

America wearing England's shirt