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Banned 20 5, 10:34pm

Try watching the smaller independent news sources online for a while that don't take sides.

It will take you about 2 days of watching honest unbiased news to see that CNN and pretty much all the leftist supporting MSM runs 10:1 on misinformation, misdirected context claims, false accusations and blame and outright lies they push over the more conservative ones.

Same with the pushing all of the leftist agendas in general. Way way too much of what they push regarding who stands for what and why in a bad way is easily debunked.

The right leaning make mistakes too but given what they are competing against they have been putting a solid effort into being more direct, fair and accountable on their reporting and their uptick in viewers and general ratings is showing its paying off now.

Both get things wrong and do put some spin on certain subjects but as of now the left end is way way worse and too many on that end make it clear they don't care if anyone knows.

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