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Banned 20 5, 10:43pm

"Are national medicines more expensive then?" - there are not always domestic analogues to imported medicine, and some of analogues are SIGNIFICANTLY worse in quality and effectiveness.
And yes, foreign medicine IS expensive, but between death and expense people rarely pick the death.

We are country of EXTREMELY corrupt politicians. Our education, science and infrastructure have been steadily degrading for past fifteen years. So situation is bad and only getting worse. Let me give you bit of statistics:

1%. In the country, that has no decent treatment for HIV infected even now. ~1% of *known* HIV infected.

1%. Every hundredth person in this country posesses illness that has no permanent treatment and is going to kill them in matter of everal or few years.

1%. By next elections these people will not be there, population of my country will be decimated - even with imported medicine. Imagine it banned. Think of how many other ill people are here.

Imagine how many more there will be.

These are only few cases, only recent cases. Problems, that either occured recently, or been and keep amassing over the years.

My people are getting decimated. And for a long while.

We are *dying out*. We already do not wish to breed like cattle, but facing country administrated in such way, that we are literally becoming extinct. Having statisctically worst fire fighters in the world and taking part in military conflicts does not helps either.

So yes. Situation is different.

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