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Banned 21 5, 8:48pm

@MapleLeavesAreHats One of the ways you can ID some of the 'bots is if they start talking about "the Hillary Conspiracy." If you watch some of the alt-news channels, they talk about "the Hillary Campaign" as though she were the president and is currently running things. Or her massively organized campaign is. They need an enemy to argue their views; once you notice that, it's kind of facepalmy, but it's everywhere.

Every intelligence community so far has said, "yes, this happened," so I am not too worried about the hand-flailing and accusations about someone who didn't win the election and is now off writing books. :p

We've proved it, now let's worry about preventing it from happening a second time, and this alt-news business. Many in the same alt-news camp also argue against gays, the existence of climate change, and vaccines. It's turned tribal in a scary way, where one "ascribes to a group of beliefs."

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