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Banned 21 5, 11:26pm

Yeah, that's the "Third Wave", also called "Neofeminism" because they no longer have the same goals or methods of actual feminists. They got into bed with the religious right, and now their objectives are taking basic civil rights AWAY from women neither groups like (straight women who don't hate men enough, or who work in a career based around making men happier, and making more money than most men doing it, with enough time left to raise their own children instead of paying strangers to do a half-assed job of it like the rest of us.) Since it's hard to get financial support to drag single mother's out of their paid-for homes by their hair in front of their soon-to-be fostered, previously happy and healthy children, neofeminist methodology involves a lot of dishonesty, fake testimonials, and easily debunked junk science studies. You've probably heard of this before: "The War on Human Trafficking".

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