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Banned 22 5, 12:13am

@Theomniadept Do you live under a rock? How about the 3,000 Russian Face Book adds released by Congress back in November of last year. Or is the Republican Controlled Congress also Left Wing Shills? But yes Obama was very lenient with Russia, returning an embassy to them our intelligence community suspected was used to spy on us, actively deflecting criticisms of Russia and its treatment of its own citizens, and refusing to sanction them... oh wiat no Trump did that. And don’t bring up the fact Trump armed the Ukrainians, it was one shipment of missles and after that suddenly the Ukrainians stopped cooperating with the US in the investigation of Paul Manafort. And given the Trump administration’s history of geopolitical racksteering, the only reason the US is supporting the Blockade of Qatar is because they wouldn’t invest in one of Jared Kushner's businesses, I doubt this was a coincidence.

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