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Banned 22 5, 12:57am

@Hyporia One of my favorites is: "this took place with my son, in my building, with me downstairs and I knew nothing about it." Paraphrased, but you have to really twist into a pretzel to get around that.

Though, regards some of the comments elsewhere about CNN, fake news, etc.--there was this great interview with Jake Tapper that reflected on some of the "fake news" business. He was sharing how they'd interviewed Ms. Conway on CNN and asked her about why the WH kept saying, "the mainstream media isn't covering x." So he asks her that, why are they saying this? Doesn't it hurt our ability to talk with one another? ...and has screen upon screen of different media sources, not just CNN, covering that topic.

...her response was to filibuster and talk about something unrelated, even after he tries to bring her back to the topic. He eventually gets a kind-of acknowledgment. You can listen to the audio clips of the interview from Fresh Air.

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