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Banned 22 5, 4:32am

@yoisi who disliked my comment? what part of what i said do you disagree with? if you would stop using your feelings to think and instead used your head and logic you'd realize everything i said was correct.

theres a difference between being a strong woman and being a whiner that cant take personal responsibility and that blames all your problems on other people(men). rights and personal responsibility comes hand in hand. i feel like a lot of overly entitled feminists forget this. complaining about LEGITIMATE problems is one thing but developing a victimhood complex with an unhealthy sense of entitlement and trying to create and see problems when there is none, is another thing completely. having a victim complex and no self awareness is a sign of weakness not strength

anytime anyone points this out they are labeled as a toxic male or a self hating female. well let me tell you i am NOT a traditional kind of woman i am a tomboy and i argue with men in my life a lot but i can also see when feminism has gone out of hand as well.

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