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Banned 22 5, 5:25am

@yoisi and lets be honest even without the unnecessary male bashing parts of the song the song itself was just obnoxious. trying to promote the idea that the world should always accept you as you are and that you shouldnt try to improve yourself is a bad message to send. the first line was already problematic. nope. obese people arent beautiful thats just an objective fact. its ingrained in our human consciousness and genes through years of evolution , to not find unhealthy looking people to be attractive. people shouldnt bully them but trying to enable their unhealthy lifestyles and tell them its not them that needs changing but rather the whole world needs to change for them is a very entitled and wrong message to send .
this way of thinking comes from people who worry more about not hurting other people's feelings and less about the real reality of the situation.

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