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Lazy Lady 22 5, 11:02pm


"Then your the most deluded person I know as you keep making false statements."

Unlike you, I've actually proven many of my claims with sources.

"You do finally admit its your BELIEF that I'm getting my views from false propaganda, again without providing any evidence of that."

The proof is that I've proven several of the things you've claimed as true are simply dead wrong.
You clearly don't know what you're talking about.

Of course you're still entitled to your opinions - they just happens to be factually wrong.

"The problem is that because your mind is totally closed you won't consider anything that doesn't agree with your original faulty assumptions."

It's a problem to you that I'm not willing to agree with your beliefs - yes.
But it's not actually a problem in the real world, as I base my opinions on actual facts - which is how a rational mind should function.

It's however of course not at all how the Brexit fantasy world works, so of course you and others who base your understanding of the real world on that fantasy will always be disappointed in the real world.

But everything I've said here is just based on facts.

You may dislike those facts however much you want - but they're still true.

And as a consequence the Brexit negotiations will never ever produce the outcome you where promised and Brexit won't be the magical transformative decision that makes Britain stronger or richer or freer - or anything else you where told by the Brexit campaigners.

Instead Brexit will create a lot of problems for Britain and mean few if any real gains.

Which again is what EVERYONE not actually trying to sell the British people on Brexit told you before the referendum.

But there is no point in arguing about that now - we'll all see soon enough how it will play out anyway.