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Banned 22 5, 11:28pm


I'm not really sure if you're making proper distinctions here?

You seem to conflate how Lithuanian media covered Trump with how US media covered the presidential election?

I have no idea how Lithuanian media covered it, but I can tell you Swedish and US media where not biased in favor of Clinton.

My guess is you're conflating legitimate criticism with bias - but it's actually the medias job to cover politicians CRITICALLY and point out inconsistencies in what they're saying and doing.

And Trump was frankly an incredibly inconsistent candidate - just as he's been an inconstant president.

He says basically anything to anyone in any situation to get their approval - and then he says something completely different in the next situation.
His answer on any policy question during the campaign was incredibly weak - he basically neither understood nor cared about most of the issues, he was just saying whatever he thought would get him applause at that moment.

"Make America great again!"

Ok - but what does that mean and how would you do that?

"I'll make great deals!"

"So much winning!"

"Mexico will pay for the wall!"

But those are not actually serious policy proposals - they're just empty promises that are impossible to verify.

Journalist notices these things and of course point them out - it's their job to do so.

Which Trump and his supporters didn't like of course, so Trump branded any unflattering coverage of him as "fake news".

But it's not fake! It's just the unflattering truth - but Trump can't handle that, so he lies and attacks anyone pointing out his lies.

About everything - from the really big things to petty little shit like the size of his inaugurations crowd size.

He lies, and lies and lies - and journalists kept (and still keep) track.

So far he's averaged about 6 lies a day as president - far more then anyone before him.

Pointing this out - whether during the campaign or now - isn't biased against Trump - it's just telling the truth. He lies like fucking crazy - it's just a fact.

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