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Banned 22 5, 11:47pm


You're completely right to be upset about Cambridge Analytica - they certainly where a shady company that did all kind of illegal and morally reprehensible things in many different countries, yes.

But my point was just that they weren't the only ones trying to influence the US presidential election.

The Russians certainly did too.

Well, we'll probably never be able to know for sure how much either groups attempt at interfering actually effected the outcome of the election, no.

But hopefully the investigation headed by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be allowed to finish it's investigation, and if they do they'll probably be able to tell us at least who tried to do what.

So we'll know that the Russian's did this and Cambridge Analytica did this, Wikileaks did that and so forth.

Then how successful they actually where at influencing American voters - that we'll probably never know for absolutely sure of course, as voters of course are influenced from many different directions.

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