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Banned 23 5, 12:23am


Yes, the entire US intelligence community made joint statements both before the election, and since, that Russia did carry out a government order intelligence campaign aimed at interfering in the US presidential election.
And at least after the election they also stated publicly that the Russians did so in support of the Trump campaign.

And again - that conclusion is now also supported by the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is controlled by Republicans.
And the people on that committee get's to see evidence not released publicly - so they know more then we do.

Not only are the intelligence community full of people who worked under GW Bush - it's also mostly filled with Republicans.
All law enforcement, intelligence and military in the democratic west is mostly filled with people with a right-wing political leanings - it's a very basic fact.
Just like most people who work in arts and culture have more left-wing political leanings.

So Trumps entire conspiracy theory about the evil "deep state" that's out to get him is simply ridiculous.

If any such "deep state" even existed (which there is no evidence for) it wouldn't use it's power to undermine a Republican president, but support him.

A president Bernie Sanders on the other hand - such a person might possibly be viewed as threatening enough to get some few individuals in US law enforcement or intelligence to hatch some subversive plan to resist him.

But even then, the vast majority of the people in the federal agencies are certainly honest and upstanding individuals that rightly sees their duty as to uphold the constitution and the rule of law.

And Trumps constant attacks on them are of course just shameful.

Regarding the right-wings need for objects of hate, that's an old story. That's how they whip their base to the polls - by filling them with fear that if the Democrats win, life as they know it will be over.
But of course it wouldn't be, so they have to lie and tell their base that the Democrats will confiscate all guns or Obamacare will kill grandma and a thousand other lies like that - just to drive them to the polls by fear.

The Clinton's have been the US right's favorite bogeymen for several decades by now. They've spent many millions in taxpayer money on endless investigations of both of them - and the only thing they've ever been able to prove is that Bill Clinton lied about having a sexual affair.

That's all they've ever been able to prove. But talk to any American on the right and they're believe all kind of insane things about the Clinton's. Because that's what their propaganda outlets have told them - for decades.

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