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Banned 24 5, 12:08am


The lesson here might be not to post comments while drunk...

Because I'm afraid to say I can't really follow your argument here?

Yes, I agree Trump "says some truth" (but I don't know what you meant by "with his decisions"?) - but it's not at all strange that the media focuses on the mountain of lies he also spouts.

I mean almost any of the lies he has told would be huge news if any other president had told them, but they're actually smaller news now - because he says so many of them, the media constantly has to shift focus to the latest lies!

So I certainly wouldn't agree with you that "any tiny little shit against Trump goes for week" - because the lies he's told and the outrageous statements he's made that's actually been covered for week haven't been "any tiny little shit".

Him freely admitting to sexually assaulting women ("grab them by the pussy") was talked about for a long time - and is still being brought up - but NO president EVER said anything like that as far as we know!

No one has ever claimed to hear any other president talk like that - and it's certainly not on tape - so it's not some "tiny little shit" but a huge fucking deal!

Or talking about Mexicans as rapists and murderers "and some, I guess, are good people" - again, completely outrageous!

What if Trump (or Putin) said the same about Lithuanians?
That you're basically all rapists and murderers - but then added that "some, I guess, are good people".
And then following that up with wanting to wall of your country and demanding that you pay for the wall?
Would you think that was some "tiny little shit" never worth mentioning again?

Regarding Clinton there was an INSANE amount of discussion about her in US media before the election - in large part because the Republicans and Trump constantly accused her of everything under the sun (including running a pedophile ring from the basement of a pizzeria!).

The Republicans and Trump are STILL trying to divert attentions from what's actually happening now by talking about her, or Bill, or Obama - anything to accuse anyone else to draw focus away from themselves.

But the simple fact about the Clintons is that no people in the history of the world have been subjected to more scrutiny.
The Republican in congress have spent millions of dollars and decades of investigations trying to find anything incriminating against either of them - and the only thing they've ever been able to prove is that Bill Clinton lied about a sexual affair decades ago.

That's ALL they've EVER been able to prove!

But talk to any American right-winger or look at any of their propaganda sites online and they're filled with accusations about all kind of illegal things they firmly believe the Clintons have done.

Only problem is - they can't prove any of it!

While the Mueller probe so far has 22 indictments and 5 guilty pleas from people admitting criminal acts - in one years work.

The same kind of special investigation against Bill Clinton ran for several years and produced far less - as did the many Republican lead Benghazi-investigations or the investigations into her email server, both aimed at attacking Hillary Clinton, and they produced even less.

The simple fact is that the Republicans haven't been able to prove SHIT (except for that one lie by Bill Clinton, about the sexual affair, decades ago) - but they still act like and claim that the Clintons are far more criminal or corrupt then Trump - while they do all they can to stop the Russia investigation, that is yielding A LOT of both indictments and guilty pleas, and has only run for a year.

In fact - the Russia investigation currantly under way, has in one year yielded more results then ALL of the investigations the Republicans ever launched against the Clintons - combined!

But Trump and the Republicans supporting him of course only attack any media accurately describing these facts as "fake news".

Becuase that's all they have - lies, lies and more lies.

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