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Banned 24 5, 12:47am


"I did not say that CNN was propaganda because Trump said it"

Nor did I ever claim that you said what you did because Trump also says the same thing - but it's still a fact that the unnuanced way you expressed your critique of CNN is just the way Trump expresses himself.

As I told you before, it was completely wrong of you to claim that:

"If you read CNN they will obviously tell you that "the Russians are devils who manipulated the elections to their complete whim and that in fact, no good American vote for Trump, everything was the work of the Russians"."

CNN has never said any of the things you claim - that's a complete lie!

Nor do "We all know that CNN is 99% propaganda." - that's also completely false.

Firstly because not all people agree with that statement and secondly (and more importantly) - that's not actually the case!

Your later comment now is much more nuanced, and you're certainly right that CNN can rightly be critiqued for it's coverage (I'm critical of them myself).

And as you rightly point out, they are - like all mainstream American media - owned by large corporations who of course have a vested economical interest in them and that fact always skews the way they cover the news.

All US mainstream media strive to attract viewers to increase their add sales - to make more money.
Which mean that their first interest is not covering the news - but to attract viewers.
Which in turn means that they always go for the "sexy" or attractive news - the stories that grabs peoples attention - which might not in fact be the most important news, of course.

So yes - you can certainly critique CNN, as well as all mainstream US media for being too corporatist and too interested in making money, over their journalistic integrity and stated reason for existing - which is to simply report the most important news.

But claiming - like you did - that "99% [is] propaganda" is simply wrong, because that's simply false.

Now either you exaggerated wildly and admit that what you wrote was actually not true, or you clearly aren't an unbiased observer yourself, but are pushing stupid anti-CNN propaganda here - just like Trump does, when he without any nuance what so ever calls the entire network "fake news".

But just because you don't always like the stories a newspaper or a TV channel runs, that doesn't make them "fake news" or "99% propaganda".

CNN or US mainstream media in general certainly has some serious flaws - yes. But they are not all those things.

Not even Fox News or RT pushes ONLY "fake news and propaganda" like I implied above (yes, I exaggerated slightly too) - but they still operate on a completely different level then any other US mainstream media.

Because both Fox News and RT are deliberately set up to be political propaganda tools for the US Republicans and the Putin regime respectively.
They're not guided by profit motive, like all other US mainstream media.
Their only reason for existing is pushing propaganda on their viewers to influence them in accordance with a specific political agenda.
Other US mainstream media is not based on that idea at all - they're in the business to make money.

Which still skews their perspecitve yes - but that dosen't rise anywhere near the level of propaganda you'll find on Fox News or RT.

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