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Banned 24 5, 2:46am

"CNN has never said any of the things you claim - that's a complete lie!"
When I said that I did it with irony, of course they do not say it openly, but they would like to do it.

"Nor do" We all know that CNN is 99% propaganda. "- that's also completely false." When I said "we" I did not mean you and me.
I do not know how CNN covers the news in your country, but here IS propaganda. Everything the United States does is good, the rest is bad, any right-wing government that sucks the USA's boots is good, any left government that seeks independence from the United States is bad. Here CNN is arbitrary, censuring and really insulting, but maybe it does not act in that way in other places.
Therefore, from my point of view, CNN here is propaganda.
No problem, it is possible that it has its good things, at least where you are, not here. I do not judge you by watching CNN, although it does not like me at all (the same with Fox News, etc). Although I believe that if we are sincere, in a world of market, where everything is demand and offer according to interests, everything is propaganda, in less or greater average.
PS: I confess that I like RT a bit. Because I agree with Russian propaganda? No, I like it because it is the only channel that gives space for programs to left-wing Latin American presidents that are now being banned. I suppose that this one of the positive factors that RT have, as well as CNN have theirs too, I think.

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