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Lazy Lady 24 5, 5:52pm


The problem is you have a 1D manta that any criticism of the EU is based on being mislead by anti-EU propaganda. As such you trot this out regardless of what I say. We could argue about how accurate or not this viewpoint is but it is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the points I've actually been making in this thread. I have not mentioned anything about what Britain [whatever that means as there are various viewpoints] wants but why the current path being taken by the EU mis-leaders is bad for a lot of people in the EU!

I will repeat, but suspect you will ignore it again, that the main reason why I distrust the EU is not because of what anti-EU bigots and fanatics say - which I largely ignore as I detest them anyway - but because of pro-EU bigots and fanatics say. It is they that have poisoned the pool so to speak for British option as much as their twins on the other side.

If you're incapable of understanding the above then I really need to stop wasting my time with you. If your willing to accept your not a god then we might have a basis for discussion.