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Banned 26 5, 1:34pm

@Kummerspeck also people keep going on about russia influencing the elections but why isnt anyone bothered by multinational companies (with zero loyalty to america or ANY country )influencing the elections SO much more. ?

also i have zero trust for the media and the establishment(both sides). they lie about everything and are brilliant at spinning stories to fit their narratives no matter whether its actually true or not. and i DEFINITELY dont trustanything that the CIA says. they lied about iraq they lied about gadaffi and they lie about assad. if anyone did any REAL research on gadaffi and assad you would find out they were actually really good leaders for their countries but the media managed to spin lies about them to make them look evil .

libya was one of the richest countries in africa and after gadaffi died its a total mess and even has slave trade. and where is the media and the govt establishment now? why are they no longer talking about human rights abuses in libya? its disgusting. . and i believe its the exact same war mongering people who are trying to antagonize russia as well they are ALWAYS desperate to go to war

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