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Banned 26 5, 10:18pm

@ilyena87 watch and read her interviews the song was clearly written by her to express her own insecurities. ( about her weight and appearance though i think instead of expecting the world to change she herself should change and try to lose some weight if shes that insecure)

and the song is an obvious jab at guys in general. its a song worded in a way where any woman can self insert themselves in it against a guy that might have upset them. so its clear that the song is just anti male in general
.though if what you said is right and it was only about one guy that she knew then im not sure what male could have made her feel this way . she doesnt seem like the kind of person that any guy would want to have anything to do with in the first place. id honestly be surprised if she ever had a boyfriend (or even a girlfriend) like who would want to be romantically involved with someone like her .? she's terrible both inside and out.

notice that she only cares about her own issues(promoting 3rd way feminism and fat acceptance) but doesnt care about the issues of other people like the Palestinians and that trashy way she culturally appropriate Japanese people? she very very insensitively mentioned Jerusalem and met up with the war criminal isreali prime minister. thats how i know she doesnt care.

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