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Banned 28 5, 12:21pm

@yoisi i think every women always have her own body insecurities even for a thin super model in their interview.. image and she is from middle eastern countries israel, my friend in dubai who have same clothes size as mine said that it's hard to find clothes with size s/m there coz their size s/m are bigger than here more like l/xl.. And beauty is the eyes of the beholder.. Man have different taste of women too.. So i find your comment really rude and insulting "she doesnt seem like the kind of person that any guy would want to have anything to do with in the first place." why? Coz she is not skinny? she has a good voice and pretty face, and probably a nice person.. Well i think there's nothing wrong with sharing personal experience into the song.. Taylor swift, adele did it too.. Even justin beiber's video about loving women has 9M dislike.. image

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