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Banned 28 5, 2:12pm

@Zuperkrunch i dont care if its rude and i dont care if its insulting. i care about facts over feelings. its not my fault if other women are so insecure about their looks. its not my fault if people are too emotionally weak to handle facts. if you want the world to see you better then imProve yourself instead of expecting the world to change for you. no need to get upset no need to cry over it just accept your flaws and improve on it THATS ALL.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder? really? why dont you ask any normal guy if they find fat girls prettier or normal sized girls? honestly instead of expecting the world to change to suit you why dont YOU change and try to improve yourself ? LOSE SOME WEIGHT its not that hard. and stop getting hurt and upset about people telling you that you are overweight you emotional weakling.

IM a girl and im ok with people telling me i need to lose weight i dont care as long as they say it respectfully. ill just say "yeah i do have to lose weight haha" i admit when i have problems and work to fix it. thats it i dont make a big emotional fuss over it. CAUSE IM NOT AN INSECURE EMOTIONAL WEAKLING

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