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Banned 28 5, 2:27pm

@Zuperkrunch i for one think women are far too emotional and get insecure about EVERYTHING. like omg. women want to project that they are just as strong as men yet they show that they arent when they cant handle any sort of criticism and cant handle anyone stating any flaw about them without completely breaking down. . i dont see men behaving this way. men can handle criticism about their looks just fine without becoming cry babies over it.

now am i a self hating female for saying that? not really cause i dont hate myself (ive never been so irrationally insecure about myself like that cause i actually do have self confidence)but i can observe and acknowledge that in general, people of my gender are emotional crybabies compared to males and it does make me sad to see that. i WISH women would learn to be stronger than this

and im not talking about the whinny-blame everyone else for their own problems-so called "strength" that 3rd way feminists try to show im talking about the true internal strength of accepting your own flaws and improving on it without getting upset about it. feminists forget that rights and personal responsibility come hand in hand. you cant have extra rights without also having some extra personal responsibility

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