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Banned 28 5, 2:41pm

@Zuperkrunch put it this way. i hate victim hood cultures. and i hate people who try to blame society for their own self made problems. thats all. if you are fat and ugly and can still find a boyfriend then hey good for you. im genuinely happy for you.

but dont try to force society to change to accept that fat=beautiful just because you are too emotionally weak to accept your own flaws. dont try to bash another group of people for no real reason other than that you are insecure.

ps unhealthy looking people will never look beautiful to the general populace because we are genetically hardwired to try to find the most attractive looking and most healthy looking mate to produce the best offspring. . thats evolution. people who went after unhealthy looking people generally didnt produce the best offspring or had spouses that were too unhealthy to look after those offspring therefore their bloodlines died and the ones that did survive were the ones that went after the more healthy looking mates. so it became ingrained in our instincts to have certain standards of beauty no mater how much you try to deny it.

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