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Banned 28 5, 4:22pm

@yoisi i think being healthy is more important than being skinny or fat, a lot of my skinny/thin friends also have high colesterol, bulimia and others mental health even a cancer .. And some of my fat friends are sport freaks and eat healthy foods.. woman's body type are so different, and your word "she doesnt seem like the kind of person that any guy would want to have anything to do with in the first place." describe her as the ugliest woman in the world and no man can ever want her.. Like who are u to judge her like that? The prettiest girl in the world? That's really mean and rude.. She is not that super fat woman (if u want the real fact u can see adele, she has husband now and she write a lot of songs about her ex-boy friends, she also fat woman with beautiful voice)And I think her song just to support women to love her self and not just be an object for the boy (not man) like her ex-boyfriend saw her, she is not my fav either but i think her lyrics and music was pretty creative..... " that's just my opinion.. :D btw this eurovision comic not abot the winner, humon didn't mention anything about netta... And your comments just a lot of negative things about her..

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