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Banned 28 5, 10:27pm

@Zuperkrunch she's creative. ill give you that. but sorry but if you are fat you are just by definition not very healthy. thats a fact. im not hating on fat people i just dont want people glorifying it thats all and i especially dont like people who blame other people for their own problems.
. i never said she was the ugliest women in the world . omg dont twist my words. im saying that people need to stop being so emotional and insecure and learn to accept their own flaws without having an emotional breakdown over it . they should toughen up accept reality and try to improve themselves. see ill admit myself that im not that skinny either im actually on the slightly overweight side but i dont get angry with society for pointing that out i just work on myself to improve myself thats all. its not that hard.

shes not an object for men but if she doesnt care what men think of her then why did she make an entire song based on bashing them? obviously she does care about what men think of her. what IM saying is that she cant FORCE men to see her as beautiful she cant try to guilt trip men(or women for that matter) to see her as beautiful. she cant go around hating an entire gender just because of "thought crimes" they might have of her. thats not how it works.

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