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Banned 28 5, 10:31pm

@Zuperkrunch she didnt mention about netta but i am still talking about her. because im sick of this victimhood culture being encouraged like this. its becoming over the top. why i said so many negative things about her is everything about her song just rubbed me the wrong way

. the whole thing is about expecting the world to accept you as beautiful when you arent and instead of trying to improve yourself you blame everyone else and bash an entire gender for no reason. that kind of mentality is bad. if she's not a man's object then she doesnt need to make an entire song based around bashing them just for having "thought crimes" about her that she doesnt like does she?

its called having some personal responsibility for yourselves and not expecting the world to revolve around you. like i said, with equal rights come equal personal responsibility. you dont need to act like a man's toy XD (paraphrasing her own song haha)
but you cant stop men or women from thinking things you might not like either if you are obviously not at the top of your game, appearance wise. .
its not their job to stop thinking things its YOUR job to improve yourself(if you want them to stop thinking those things) if you have genuine problems that is within your power to fix.

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