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Banned 29 5, 1:46am

@yoisi "nope. obese people arent beautiful thats just an objective fact. its ingrained in our human consciousness and genes through years of evolution , to not find unhealthy looking people to be attractive. "
I mean.... There are/have been many cultures in which being fat is considered incredibly attractive, BECAUSE it signifies health from a biological stand point. The ability to BE fat used to mean you are in a position of surplus and could extend this surplus to mates and offspring. In a time when everyone around you is skin and bones and scraping food together to survive, being fat meant you were doing incredibly well for yourself. Obviously I don't think obese people are healthy, but to say it's 'objective fact' that obese people are ugly is.... Just not true.
Anyway, we know better about obesity and being obese nowadays doesn't mean you're well off any more (quite the opposite) (in the west anyway, in poor countries it's still a thing and still a thing of beauty) (there's a reason African men think fat women are sexy).

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