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Reality Hits 12 6, 2:28am

@Betelgeuse9 uhm no... the word "Latino" is actually used most by US latinos, as in people in the US with Central/South American descent.
That's where the word comes from. If YOU want to put another meaning to it that YOU think would make more sense and a better use of the familiarity to the word "latin" then that's on you.
And "Latin America" is used to describe the parts of the Americas that were Spanish/Portuguese colonies.
So in a correct way.
Since the French (for instance) sees themselves NOT as a Latin people but Romance Language speakers.
Not a single person from Martinique for instance, would ever call themselves "Latino". Whereas a LOT of people in the US from the old Spanish colonies, such as Puerto Rico and Mexico routinely do.
It's not up to YOU what people call themselves.
Even if You're Argentinian.