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I want you to be happy 30 6, 4:51am

... That song though.
I don't think I've ever heard music in a Nordic language, and I regret it now that I've heard this masterpiece.

It's so different from English, some words almost sound like German and it confuses my brain so much. It expects the words to form into meaning, yet they never do. This feels like it did when I was listening to songs in English back when I barely understood the language -- each word could mean anything, all I have to go off of is the sound and rhythm and similarities with languages I do know, and that possibility and mystery is so alluring. I can imagine every sentence to mean anything, and the sounds seem to develop vague meanings of their own, fluctuating and changing from moment to moment, so close to forming into something coherent in my mind but yet never doing so, an experience I'm so unused to now that I speak English fluently. The mystery of it is so fascinating, combined with the almost immediate feeling of familiarity the language's sound gives me, a feeling that comes with having grown up with a language that sounds so very similar.

All of this combined with the beauty and emotion of the song itself makes me proud to say that I replayed it about a dozen times or more, and might have sort of kind of cried during it. :')