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How to use a bike 12 7, 6:24am

@ProudToBeADane Iceland is facing a massive Demon.

Iceland: “I WILL TAME Y-“

Iceland sees Denmark riding a bike around.


Iceland runs as fast as he can away from the bike.

Denmark: “Huh? Wha?”

Demon: “Dang, I was just about to eat that guy!”

Demon runs after Iceland who is still running from Denmark.

It’s the next day.

Iceland and the Demon are dueling.

Iceland holds a sword up to the Demons neck.

Iceland: “HaHA! Gotcha now!”

Demon whistles and Denmark charges in on a bike.

Iceland: “WHHHYYYY?!?!?”

Iceland flees the scene.

Demon: “Got ‘em!”

Demon and Denmark high five.