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Free Greenland 24 7, 5:18am

@Ibisno1 Statehood for Puerto Rico would likely be better for them, provided Republicans are kicked out of power soon (they recently voted in favor of statehood, but the Republican congress hasn't done anything about it).

It's a complex subject, though. Right now, Puerto Rico is having pretty severe problems with an aging population due to large out-migration of young people, combined with limited economic opportunities as a result of strict trade regulations. An independent Puerto Rico would, in principle, open the door for much wider-open trade relations, but would leave the island saddled with either utterly inadequate social programs (they couldn't afford Medicare or Social Security in their current forms), or massively increased taxes.

Full statehood opens the door to more economic opportunities, and more say in national politics in the US (as a state, they would have 6-7 electoral votes). The would also have much more freedom in that the federal government would have less say over their actions, likely including getting out from under the nasty trade regulations that currently restrict their economy.