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Free Greenland

Free Greenland

Some time ago it was very fashionable to fight for Tibet, but China was like a rock, so shortly thereafter people suddenly started yelling the same slogans but about Greenland and people felt a bit confused. Let's just say the modern day situation between Denmark and Greenland is different than China/Tibet. They have home rule, meaning they pretty much function as a independent country, and they get huge sums of money from Denmark to keep the country running and get it back on it's feed after all the abuse they suffered under Denmark. If they become fully independent they'd lose the money, so for now they choose to stay part of Denmark until they figure something better out. They vote on whether they want to become independent every so often, but so far it has always been a no. But worry not, it will happen some day.

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20th July 2018
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5 years ago #9779276        

I like having greenland cuz it makes ud bigger than sweden And in the end isnt that what it's all about

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5 years ago #9779472        

Why don't people give a single damn to Palestine and its abuser??

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5 years ago #9779850        

So much antisemitism in here (down voted by antisemites)

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5 years ago #9779775        

I for one think that the US should free, aka give independence to Hawaii and Puerto Rico so that they would not have to be in the union anymore.

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5 years ago #9779453        

Of course, much of that abuse wasn't done by Denmark, but rather by the US.
At the start of the previous century, Denmark wanted to preserve the culture in Greenland. This meant keeping out "modern corruption," such as alcohol, tobacco, etc. Good albeit patronizing intentions.
WW2 rolled in and Denmark was occupied by Germany. Denmark now had no way to supply Greenland.
Denmark asked the US to assist. The US agreed.
The US promptly supplied delicious alcohol and tobacco on top of regular supplies.
WW2 ends. Denmark takes over again. Denmark stops supplies of tobacco and alcohol. Greenland does NOT accept that. Denmark is reluctantly forced to continue supplying tobacco and alcohol.
Fast forward a few decades. Greenland is plagued by rampant alcoholism, suicides, and social problems. Denmark is at a loss of how to fix it.
Denmark tries to take a whole bunch of kids from Greenland to foster them in Denmark. They're supposed to become highly educated, and return to Greenland as leaders and experts of various sorts.
The kids return to Greenland, alienated to both societies. Unwelcome in Greenland, and with no roots in Denmark.
Denmark feels bad. Continues various well-intended projects, such giving the locals public transportation, which also fail with a will.
Fast forward. Greenland is still plagued by various social ills, hates Denmark. Denmark feels bad.

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5 years ago #9779224        

*meanwhile, Åland is laughing*

5 years ago #9782878        

I don't see a free Greenland anytime soon. the population is low, the country is too big, and low gdp

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5 years ago #9779872        

When the Free Tibet movement was big I found it more annoying that there wasn't more concern being shown for maintaining Taiwan's independence. Tibet has been part of China for some 50 years now, while Taiwan has not been part of China for most of the last 125 years. While the plight of Tibet is pretty hopeless, Taiwan's independence is on pretty decent footing and the support of the international community actually makes a difference there to preserve that independence.
Recently China starting pressuring airlines and hotels to list Taiwan as part of China in their online software for making reservations. Quite a few airlines and hotel chains caved to China's pressure. It would have been nice to see some of those "Free Tibet" sister Americans out protesting and boycotting the cavers.

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5 years ago #9779826        

No clue where to post this, but this was just a thought.

Scandinavian winter 2018: giant snowpile of the century
Scandinavian summer 2018: fire, literallly fire. Not a drop of rain in sight.

Ps: Thanks to all the EU nations who have sent us support, it is highly appreciated, trust me!

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5 years ago #9779659        

...the country with the most people in prison wants to free somebody...???

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