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Free Greenland 29 7, 10:08am

Your argument is completely racist.
Just a few years before, the US Prohibition had ended after thirteen years. You also proudly brought up that Sweden "employed national rationing of alcohol from 1919 until 1955". Yet no one argues that the American or Swedish white man alcoholic was caused by the end of the Prohibition or rationing. In fact, while you paint the Greenlanders as a society that can't handle their problems because of the emergence of alcohol, it worked "very well" for the Swedish society "in reducing the consumption of alcohol." That is the double standard that people of color, and more specifically Greenlanders are facing. You have simultaneously dehumanized the Greenland people while lifting up the European country for going through the same exact situation.
By blaming the US, you have shifted the focus off the damage that was caused by the Danish government, both before and after WWII.
IF your argument had any merit, then the Native American society would not be dealing with similar issues. Yet they are, both alcoholism and suicide are rampant. It is not because of the Prohibition. They had to deal with the Prohibition just like the rest of the United States. The American government has and still is causing intense problems for the Native Americans. JUST like the Danish Government is doing the Greenlanders. World War II alcohol has nothing to do with it.
If the situation was flipped, and American soldiers presented Swedes with alcohol, a substance that they hypothetically hadn't seen since 1782, would Swedish people currently be characterized as alcoholics? Doubtful.