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How to Train Your Red Dragon 28 7, 11:27pm

I see a lot of people (predominantly from the southern US) that thinks our current heat in northern Europe is nothing to complain about.

As others have already pointed out, there is a lot these people are missing:

1. We're not at all used to this heat - either in our own lives or historically
2. As a consequence our homes are built to keep heat in - because our usual climate problem is the cold
3. Which also means AC is virtually unknown in regular homes

Our societies and we as peoples are built and accustomed to handle -30 degrees centigrade (-22 Fahrenheit) in the winter - but we're not well equipped to handle temperatures above +30 degrees centigrade (+86 Fahrenheit) weeks on end, as we've been having.

Also, there hardly hasn't come any rain at all for months, so the outdoors is like a tinderbox. We currently have 19 ongoing forest fires in Sweden alone - and we've accepted help from multiple other nations in fighting them (shoutout to all our friends in Europe who have answered our call!).

So far, Sweden's lost 30,000 hectares of forest to fires - or over 74,000 acres (or about 56,000 american football fields) for those more familiar with that measurment.

And it's not like Sweden is the only country where fires are raging, as you all probably know.