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How to Train Your Red Dragon 29 7, 5:19pm

@HHWinston @TheButteryBread

While mostly true, I think that's a bit too much detail to be expected from Americans in general and Fox News in particular.

The political right always tries to smear any form of Socialism with association to Soviet-style Communism - but the simple fact is of course that there are many different versions of Socialism - just as there are of any major ideology.

Some people call themselves socialist, other social democrats, some democratic socialists and some even marxist or communist - but the name they choose to describe themselves doesn't explain everything about their political views.

Just as the broad ideological camp of "conservatives" contains a wide array of people holding very different views, supporting very differing policies.

Broadly speaking, the only common thread is that they all - in some form - trace their ideological roots back to the writings of Karl Marx. And as such, they can all broadly be said to belong to the socialist ideology.

So I don't think it's a problem calling all these people "socialist" - they usually don't have a problem with it themselves either.
Just as long as you remember that they all don't share the same views on everything.