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@ACVE @Fluffkin

Well Sweden is a lot bigger then Denmark obviously - and we have a lot more forest where a fire can spread for miles and miles without any natural obstacle to stop it.
When it's a dry as it is now, the fire can easily jump rivers - sending burning embers with the wind to the other side.

I live in Stockholm as well and there have been several fires around here as well.

It's just that they are more easily contained as there aren't vast forests without roads around Stockholm.
Here, firefighters can quickly gain access to any side of a fire and fight it as soon as it starts - and a fire can hardly start before someone notices it, since it's such a densely populated area.

There are also a lot more fire-fighting resources available in a major city like Stockholm, so whenever a fire starts they can deploy massive resources to it within minutes - while up in the north a fire can sometimes burn for hours before anyone ever notices it, and when they do it takes several hours more to get anyone deployed to fight it.