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How to Train Your Red Dragon 29 7, 6:42pm


74 F would be considered good summer weather in Sweden - we're not always assured to get many days of that high a temperature a year.

And we've never ever had 111 F in Sweden - the record is 100.

On the other hand we regularly have -22 F in the winter, and the record is -62 F.

So as I said - our societies and we as people up here in the north is built and accustomed to combat the cold - not the warmth.

Give us a deep midwinter cold and several feet of snow for months and we'll just soldier on - but hit us with a few weeks of temperatures like these and we melt away.

Thank you and rest assured I'd be thinking of you if I ever see the news that a cold snap has hit Arkansas. :)

This is extreme of course - it's snow clearing in the mountains in the north to cut paths for the meltwater. But it's still Sweden - in May: