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Cupcake Tragedy 26 8, 9:47pm

@JustarandomDutch In fact no, in Europe we don't know what the left-wing is, we think that the social democracy is left, but it is not. Calling social democrats socialists is a total ignorance. As I said and as I show in the articles that I left, social democracy and socilism are not the same nor up close and there are real socilaist countries nowadays. In Europe, Belarus is, for example, a country of state capitalism that is very close and similar to socialism, the same with Russia, but social democracy is in center, it doesn't matter if they are stupidly called "socialists", in fact, social democrats hate socialists. As a clear example is the betrayal of the Social Democrats to the Spartacists in the German Civil War after the WWI.
I used to live in Argentina when they were under leftist governments (read about 21st century socialism), and believe me, the Europeans don't know what the left is. I know what it is to live under a real left-wing, and it is not a social democracy, which has nothing to do with it.

Back, try to read carefully the articles that I gave you.

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