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Cupcake Tragedy

Cupcake Tragedy

A fair few Danish people responded to Trish Regans comments on Denmark, and I noticed that not a single one of them could find a proper cupcake to use in their video. They were all like "Damn you Trish! Why must you remind me that I can't get a cupcake anywhere!?"

One of the people who responded in English

America Denmark
24th August 2018
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5 years ago #9785062        

Pretty much everything she said in that segment is wrong. We have higher employment rates than the U.S, unlike what she said. We have a social democracy, not a socialist government. Thirdly, we don't have cupcake cafes, just like this comic says.......we only have muffins...

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5 years ago #9785002        

Her video was not only stupid but plain offensive too. She bullshat Venezuela completely. Their inflation is not because of "socialism", but because of a monarchical asshole ruling the country (and being bad at it). What. The. Hell

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5 years ago #9785916        

I have served my country proudly. The bombs of terrorists, the crack of a rifle from an unseen sniper and the knowledge that any moment might be my last, are all easier to bare then knowing that the party of Reagan and Lincoln is dead. It's corpse having been skinned and worn by these... things... that disguise themselves as the savors to American's poor.

Trump, you had fooled me, twisting me to your sides with your mountain of lies, I was a damned fool to follow you. Trump you are fooling my parents, my brothers in both blood and arms, and my home.

I say this not as a 'left wing paid protester' you always ramble on about. But as a Soldier, a Brother and a Ex-Republican. But damn you. When you enter Saint Peter's Hall you will face the crimes you have committed, with no lawyers to appeal, no judges to deal, and where the verdict is eternal and there will be no escape.

I would call you a liar, but that would be harsh to those who lie to protect themselves or their families and to those planning a surprise for a loved one.

You lock children in cages who entered our country lawfully. Some as young as nine. Molested women and bragged about it, destroyed a global economy that took centuries to form and sell out our allies one twisted lie at a time

You attack my fallen brothers then pledge yourself to my side.

I despise you. But I can't even come up with the words to throw at you.

I would call you racist. But that much is evident based on how much you salivate over your beloved wall.

I would call you misogynistic. But I have a feeling you much prefer women to men, after all men don't have the orifices you like to grab.

I would call you traitor. But as my Commander in Chief, that would be treason on my part.

I would call you fascist. But I can't believe you would give enough effort to even sign Martial Law. After they mailed it your gold courses.

Trump you have done what ISIS, the Russians, the Chinese, and so many other threats you don't even know of because we send you our reports in a blasted bullet-point format on a document two pages long, per your request, have only dreamed of doing.

You are breaking America, you are breaking my home, you are breaking my family. And you broke me.

May God bless America. May God bless Muller and his probe. And may God bless you and the cell you will call home.

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5 years ago #9785050        

Fox News logic

Americans starting cupcake cafes -- Fair, reasonable, a shining example of small business entrepreneurs and America's free market at its finest

Danes starting cupcake cafes -- ridiculous, laughable, a horrid example of how Europeans are soft and America is all around better at everything

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5 years ago #9785482        

Fox HR person at job interview: I see you've got the fake hair and fake nails and enough to look at to keep our viewers from immediate suicide. Good, good. Can you make that snarky, know it all face that you made in high school, but also pretend you're constipated?
Interviewee: like this?!
Interviewer: you're hired!!

5 years ago #9785131        

Trish who?

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5 years ago #9784996        

It's fake news!! Ooops.. Fox news.. :D

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5 years ago #9785243        

The funniest thing there is that, even were she right about the cupcake cafe thing, doesn't that mean that Danish students are all aspiring small business owners? I don't see the problem.

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4 years ago #9811378        

Cupcakes? I'd rather bake some banana bread instead.

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5 years ago #9785728        

i am truly sorry for all the ignorant bigots in my country

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