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Cupcake Tragedy 29 8, 9:54pm


Thank you for your kind words! :)
Viewed that way all nations are equally weak - because all nations contain weak people.
And that's true no matter how you define weakness.

But in this case it seemed to me you're a bit to defeatist.

Yes sure - there are bigots, racists and idiots everywhere.
But there are also thoughtful, empathic and intelligent people everywhere.
Which is one of the basic proofs that racism is such an idiotic idea.

Because the content of a persons character isn't defined by their skin colour or gender or sexuality or religion or ethnicity or cultural background or anything else.
Anyone who's actually met different people knows this!

There are good and bad people everywhere and you simply can't make an honest or rational assessment of a collective of people like racists do - you always have to judge each and every person individually, because that's what we are - individuals!

And even if there seems to be unusually many citizens of the US willing to support a clearly terrible human being as president, I still refuse to let them and their actions define all of the US.

I - like many people over the world - are critical against a lot of US policies and many of the actions your nation has taken through the years, yes.
But I can also appreciate the good US policy has done, and see the nuances between your different administrations.

Trump is historically awful and incompetent of course, and will go down as the worst US president ever, hands down.
But unless he unleashes a nuclear winter he won't be the last president and history won't end with him.
There is still hope for the US to chose a better path - and eventually I think you will.
Because the path you're on now is frankly not benefiting the majority of your own citizens, so it can't last forever.

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