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Cupcake Tragedy 19 10, 2:17am

@Blaze837 Your comment is beautifully written. I feel like it is an admittance from someone who fears retribution from the people around them if they were honest about how they felt. However, I will downvote your comment because I am honestly becoming less and less capable of understanding why and how it has taken this long for some ex-trump voters to see how bad the current u.s. president is. You voted for him, I assume mainly to raise employment and local economies, but then you were willing to sacrifice other things such as health care, education, and international relationships, which he made CLEAR he knows little about, or he was/is inconsistent on? All you had to do to get a good reading on him was look at his behaviour in the past, and from there you track how much he has changed if at all. I apologize if I come off as condescending, i don't mean to. the people who cried at the beginning "wait and see, give him a chance" don't help anything. We SEE how bad he is already, that is what a campaign is for, we don't need to give him a chance - bad campaign = bad leader - that is how it works. Now those same people say "we didnt know how bad it was going to be at the time". Is this a joke? I am trying to stay calm right now, but coming up against people who express remorse this far into the game after voting for him really step on my patience. I am Canadian and now because of trump voters who did not see the glaring warning signs we have to contend with a dangerous and stupid leader next door. You will not be getting my sympathies.

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