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Cupcake Tragedy 11 1, 11:28pm

@yeti245 Well, it's not that easy. People essentially don't think rationnaly. We have beliefs about the world that are forged by our past experience and it takes an incredibly strong experience to make us abandon our beliefs. So basically our brain just reads the world as confirmation for what he already takes as the truth (this is called confirmation bias) unless something inconceivable for its current belief happens and shatter the belief.

For example, I was raised in a socialist culture and while I don't think socialism is necessarily a good economic system, I never had the belief that capitalism was a good one. So for me it's pretty obvious that this system is in fact pretty bad (maybe the worst humanity ever invented, at least in its current form). It produces
monstruous inequalities, is very unstable, doesn't have any consideration for non-renewable resources, doesn't grant social value to work... etc (I can't sumarize all the problems as it would take too much time...) The system has also almost no redeeming quality, it's supposed to induce innovation, but at some point the blatant inequalities and the short-term mind that seem to have taken control over the world (2 things that were induced by that same system) just reduced that to a non-factor too.
So in a way i'm just like you, wondering in awe why everybody still seem to be thinking that "yeah, capitalism is the way to go guys, problems are just going to solve themselves" when it's so obvious that it's not and that they won't. If you are part of those people that believe in capitalism, market economies and all that jazz, then feel free to apply your words to yourself (Well maybe you are part of that small fraction of people that can see clearly about capitalism, so my example is lost on you... But I think you can get my point : while it's easy to see that a belief is wrong when you don't believe, it's REALLY hard to see clearly when you do believe).

I would argue that there is more merit in getting to the truth while starting with a wrong belief than just being handed the right answer from the start... SO props to blaze :)

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